Mens Tri Suit Prototype in Action


——— This morning my brother Steve did the honours of putting our first male tri suit prototype to the test in a sprint distance triathlon located at our home town in Shepparton.

Steve has been transitioning into triathlon over the last year from purely being a cyclist, so it gave me an opportunity to develop a prototype tri suit that I have been thinking about for a while.

The tri suit is made from an Italian made water repelling fabric (78% Polyester / 22% Elastane) that literally beads water when applied to the surface. It's a new fabric that has started to enter the triathlon apparel market for its ability to breathe but repel water at the same time.

As for the cut of the tri suit. I went for a longer sleeve and high arch in the shoulders to allow for better arm movement in the swim leg and have used a silicon gripper band on the legs to keep the bottom half of the suit from riding up but I noticed that this probably wasn't that necessary even though Steve kept saying that it was really comfortable all race.

The suit has a triathlon specific chamois sewn into the crouch which I'll be making some adjustments to as the current chamois seemed to ride a little high for Steve when he was running, so he ended up wearing speedos underneath which stopped that issue and added more support to his man stuff. I've seen it for years and I've heard it from a lot of male triathletes that it's really hard to find a well fitting tri suit that keeps everything in place and still allows you flexibility during the run... so don't worry, I'm working on it and I think I got the right solution.

See how there is a drop in the front between that black and the white under the abdominal region... the reason I did that is because it looks good. It doesn't make you faster. Has no technical application. It just looks good and I like when things look good and I like it even more when people say "man that looks really good" which happened 5 times today as we were watching Steve race. So I'll be keeping that design feature.

Over all Steve was really happy with the prototype. He told me to "just start selling it as it is" cause he loved it. But I'll make some slight adjustments, get another prototype made and hopefully we will have a tri suit in production and for sale sooner than later. 

Oh we have also got a female tri suit in testing mode going too... So don't stress ladies, we got you covered.

Top job today Steve. I think we freaked a few people out with me following you like you were some pro but I'm glad I came. I was proud as punch to be there for you brother and to see you rocking Vegan Athletic across your heart really got me today. I can't wait to give this to the rest of the vegan athletes in the world... I'm so grateful to be doing this.

Big Love