100% Recycled Mailer Bags


After a lot of research, an enormous amount of logistical coordination, we are happy to announce that we are shipping all our products in 100% recycled mailer bags. In fact, we have been posting with them for over six months now but had to wait on a few future policies to pass before we were sure that we could continue to use these bags from now on.

In early 2017 we found the only company in the world who make mailer bags from 100% recycled content. The company is EcoEnclose, based in Louisville, Colorado USA, who are pioneering the eco-friendly shipping supply industry. What Vegan Athletic needed was an alternative to the standard plastic DHL mailer bags. DHL do a great job of shipping our products, but we wanted to raise the bar a lot higher when it came to the materials which we send our products in. 

The mailers features include; Made from 100% recycled content, Post-consumer & post-industrial material, Fully recyclable, Features a handy tear strip for easy opening, Dual self-seal adhesive strip allows for reuse, Durable, moisture, tear and tamper resistant and all made in the USA.

We've made a conscious effort to use the least amount of materials to ship our products to our customers. We purposefully don't wrap each product in its own plastic bag, add swing tags or even wrap your products in tissue paper before sending them to you. We want to be as close to zero waste as possible, and with this in mind, we decided that EcoEnclose's 100% recycled mailers were the best option. 

Not only are the mailers made from 100% recycled content, but the dual adhesive strip allows reuse before being recycled again. This means our customers can re-use and re-seal the mailer for other personal post or in the case of an exchange/return, you place the products back in the bag, re-seal and send it back.

We believe in recycling the plastic we already have available to us and will continue to work on developing recycled products, that you can wear, in the very near future.

Daniel Bovalino