Vegan Athletic Factory Visit


———— On Friday 22 January 2016, Daniel Bovalino, Founder and Designer of Vegan Athletic Apparel traveled to China to visit the factory who we have partnered with in producing their athletic apparel.


The purpose was to work on refining and developing the new range and a few new products. But ultimately, Daniel wen't to China to meet the people who are behind every thread, every cut and every step that goes into the manufacture of the brand's products.

For Daniel, being made to feel a part of the family who make up that factory was the greatest outcome. Vegan Athletic is now more than ever happy to state that we feel completely confident with the decision to work with this company. We believe in fairness and freedom for all earthlings.

Thank you to our hosts for making Daniel feel so welcome and allowing us to document inside your factory. We came, we saw, we worked, we captured.