Vegan Tour Down Under 2018


It's January 2018 and Vegan TDU is on again! A week of riding some of the best roads in Radelaide with a bunch of vegan cyclists during the Tour Down Under!

We have stripped it back a little this year in terms of organised rides  wanting everyone to have some more flexibility in and around the week of events as it can be a little too hard logistically to cater to everyone's needs. 

Below is a list of what is on with either rides or meeting points over the entire week. For all days/stages that are not included below, we encourage everyone to use the Facebook Page to post what rides they will be doing if they are open for others to join them. Just make sure you explain the ride in as much detail as you can for others to get an idea of what you're planning on doing.

— Contact Details
The best way to be in contact over the week is to join the Vegan Tour Down Under Facebook group. If you don't have Facebook then you can send an email through to and we will get back to you asap.



Sunday 14th

— People Choice Classic in the city

Location : Bartels Rd, near the pedestrian cross over bridge.
Time : 7:00pm

We will be hanging out near the pedestrian crossing as a meeting spot to catch up with everyone who happens to come down and maybe head into town after for an ice-cream if it works out that way!

Monday 15th

— Victoria Park Crits

Location : Victoria Park, Adelaide Parklands
Time : 6-9pm

Watching the local crit series is always a good time to hang out with the crew and cheer on any friends who are racing on the night. We will all find a spot on the grass to sit. Feel free to bring some food down as there is only drinks for sale by Norwood Cycling Club. We might head into the city afterwards for some dinner but we will leave that closer to the night to sort out.

If you are planning on racing but want more information you can find everything on the Norwood Cycling Club page.

Tuesday 16th

— Vegan Athletic Pop-Up Sale in the Parklands

Location : Beaumont Street Carpark (Corner of East and South Tce)
Time : 

While the Tuesday night crits are running, we will be hanging up a bunch of Vegan Athletic stock that need to be cleared in the Beaumont Carpark. The stock will be heavily reduced and will consist of a range of old sample stock, prototypes, new exchanged. Bring along cash only and be there early if you want to snap up a good deal. Gear will be going cheap so a bit of cash will go a long way!

Wednesday 17th

— Stage 2 Stirling

Start Location : Corner of South and East Terrace
Start Time : 9:00am
Distance : 87km
Elevation : 1,648m
Est Ride Time : 3.5hrs
Route File :

Starting from the corner of South and East Terrace where you can park your car if need be, we will head out and up Gorge Rd to Cuddle Creek, then south through the apple orchards to Lenswood, climb up to Ashton, over to Mt Lofty where we we might hit the look out if we have time. From Lofty we will roll across to Stirling and stop at The Organic Market Cafe for some food and drink and then depending on timing will either watch the race come through Stirling or ride down Crafers Bikeway and into Victoria Square to watch the end of the race on the big screen.

The pace will be set an an easy pace the entire way, if you want to give it a push up the climbs that is fine, but we will always regroup and roll at the same easy tempo pace all day. At any point over the ride you can always peel off and head on your own way or back to the city, but just let a few people from the group know. There is no shame in letting the group go if you're not feeling it. These rides are not about how fit or fast you are, they are a good opportunity for everyone to catch up and do that thing we love heaps... bicycling with mad vegan crew!

Friday 19th

— Stage 4 Norton Summit Special

Start Location : Corner of South and East Terrace
Start Time : 8:00am
Distance : 45km
Elevation : 900m
Est Ride Time : 2hrs

Route File :

We will be starting from the corner of South and East Terrace. Rolling up the Parade and straight to Norton Summit Rd for the first climb. From the top of Norton Summit we will head across to Ashton, along the winding Lobethal Rd and loop back around Knotts Hill Rd and back to Norton Summit where we will descend down Old Norton Summit Rd. From there we will roll into the city and stop at a cafe like Argo on the Parade. Then into the city to watch the race.

Saturday 20th

— Stage 5 Willunga Hill

One of the best days of the TDU. We will be on the hill for the finish somewhere around the 400m to finish mark. You will be able to spot us there so feel free to park up and get some shade. A few of us will be starting our ride from McLaren Vale that day, so there will be more information on the Facebook Page for those who don't want to ride from the city out. You can also catch a train from the city out to Norlunga Station to make it a shorter day if you need. You might want to consider that the Carpark Climb will be on that night from 5:30pm which is a really fun event to get to.

— Carpark Climb

It was a big hit last year, it will be a big hit again for sure this year and there will be a bunch of us heading down to watch it. Pretty sure there will be vegan food trucks down the bottom to get food from and we will try and do a dinner that night somewhere too. We will keep everyone posted on the Facebook Page for more details.

More information on the event can be found on the Carpark Climb page. Lil video from last year below as well to get an idea of what the event is all about.

— We're looking forward to hanging out with everyone, meeting new faces and most of all, riding bikes in what is one of the best weeks of cycling... ever! Please be safe on the roads, go easy on the descending and be good vegan examples out there. The world of cycling is really starting to look at us closer and the best thing we can do to help promote veganism is to be happy and welcoming humans.

Big Love
Daniel Bovalino