——— We are here because we believe plant based athletes are ready for us. We are here because the future of all animals on this planet, depends on us. We are here because the world needs to know that it is possible to create positive change, through every meal we eat, every day we train, every event we enter, every time we push beyond our limits. The world needs to know that we, the vegans, are living, breathing examples of a better way forward.


Vegan Athletic aims to develop and distribute the highest quality, ethically made and sourced athletic apparel in the world. We are driven to use ethical and sustainable practices throughout the entire manufacturing process and have teamed with a number of best practice companies from around the world to help us achieve this standard within our business.

We are now using bluesign® approved manufacturers for most of our fabrics and have spent time at our manufacturer's factory in Guangzhou, China to not only develop our products but to inspect the working conditions and environmental considerations that they operate under. You can watch a vlog of a recent trip that Daniel Bovalino, founder and designer, took to visit the factory and see first hand who the people are behind every cut, stitch and press that prove that our products are of the highest ethical standard.