Riding Across Australia With Vegan Surgeon & Ultra Cyclist Claire Stevens


What do surgery, banana smoothies and ultra distance cycling have in common? Claire Stevens drops it all in this episode. She's an all rounder cyclist but I think it’s safe to brand her currently as an ultra distance cyclists, a vegan one at that, who earlier this year competed in the Indian Pacific wheel race where she covered over 4000kms across Australia in just 14 days! I’ve known of Claire since last year as she is a proud vegan athletic customer but there is a whole lot more to Claire than meets the eye which I had no idea about… We recorded this podcast over the phone so please excuse the lower quality sound. I do prefer to sit face to face with everyone but if I did that then I’d be missing out on interviewing so many amazing vegans from around the world. Anyways, here’s to where a positive mental attitude can take you.. which is something Claire truly possesses and you’re about to learn all about.

You can follow Claire on Instagram at the handle @surgeonabike

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